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Utopia P2P Created an Environmentally Friendly Way of Cryptocurrency Mining. All You Need Is the Internet

LONDON, May 20, 2021 -- One of the most promising and trust-based ecosystems of 2021, Utopia P2P, has released an environmentally friendly and easy way of cryptocurrency mining. Utopia users can install a special UAM mining bot and start mining its internal Crypton (CRP) cryptocurrency from the comfort of their home. You need no additional tools beyond a stable internet connection.

*Crypton is the main means of secure payments in the Utopia P2P network, a revolutionary decentralized data privacy project that has been created for the anonymity and safety of each internet user.  

Recently, digital mining has often been blamed for harming the environment. Every month, the amount of energy consumed through the mining of cryptocurrencies only increases, particularly against the background of the growth in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency sector currently uses an amount of electricity sufficient to power 3 million homes in the United States. If the volume of cryptocurrency mining continues to grow at the same speed, the world will be on the verge of an environmental disaster. The only way to avoid it is to use home-made and eco-friendly mining methods, like Utopia P2P’s CRP mining.

CRP mining is an environmentally safe and fast way to mine cryptocurrency. It does not use a lot of system resources, so it does not overload the equipment. In addition, this type of mining does not consume a large amount of electricity. Using CRP mining, you do not need to think about ways to transport and recycle equipment that has broken down due to high voltage, which will economize the process of mining coins.

CRP mining only requires a stable internet connection and a primary server or a virtual machine on a working computer. Its Proof-of-Connectivity that is used for mining, doesn’t slow the computer and uses only a small amount of memory. You will also get Proof-of-Stake rewards on your Minimal Monthly Balance. In addition, you can use a free server on another computer, or purchase an additional VPS or VDS and install Crypton mining there.

First, you just need to install a special UAM Mining bot, which will automatically perform all the actions. The easiest way is to install a mining bot in the Linux console on a VPS server. The bot is based on technologies that do not slow down your computer and use only a tiny amount of memory. There are no restrictions on the number of bots. You can run as many bots as possible while each bot is running on a separate host.

UAM was built from the ground up to optimize the peer-to-peer network and has a number of advantages. For example, mining using VPS servers has shown improved performance, consistency, and reliability. Crypton coins are mined using nodes in the network that route packets and provide RAM.

Here are the main advantages of Crypton mining, which are worth paying attention to:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low technical requirements
  • The latest mining technologies
  • Easy way to withdraw funds
  • USD exchange support
  • Based on blockchain technology

Recently, Crypton paired with USD has become available for trading on the exchange platforms and, where everyone can now buy, sell, and exchange CRP. Also, Utopia P2P has its internal crypto exchange, where you can change your Cryptons to USD and vice versa.

All in all, mining is a little-known field that is not crowded with specialists and does not work according to the rules. Entry into this area is quite simple, does not require millions in investment, and provides a stable passive income.

Eco-friendly CRP mining has every chance of becoming a boon for the environment and humanity as a whole, and there are several reasons for this. The utilization of the excess electricity produced and the development of "green" extraction methods will reduce its cost. There is no need to purchase a large amount of equipment and then dispose of it.

Crypton is a promising cryptocurrency. Its developers are not afraid to use even the most daring systems in their project.