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CUT (Carbon Utility Token) Is Offsetting the Ethereum Network’s Carbon Footprint for Earth Hour

March 24, 2021 - Triesen, Liechtenstein - The Carbon Utility Token (BITTREX GLOBAL: CUT), an Ethereum token offering individuals and businesses the ability to offset the carbon footprint of any product or service, is pleased to announce that it is offsetting the Ethereum network’s carbon footprint for one hour to mark Earth Hour on March 27th.

The Carbon Utility Token, which is listed on Bittrex Global and hosted on the Ethereum network, will be retiring sufficient tokens to offset the entire carbon footprint of the Ethereum Network for one hour during Earth Hour (approximately 2,700 tonnes of CO2).

Matthew Pickup, Co-Founder of the Carbon Utility Token project, said “ We are very pleased to be able to make this positive contribution towards fighting climate change as part of Earth Hour. We are an Ethereum based token and are big supporters of Ethereum, so we thought it would be exciting to be able to offset the carbon footprint of our own host network and show the utility of our token.”

About The Carbon Utility Token (CUT)

The Carbon Utility Token (CUT) offers individuals and businesses the ability to offset the carbon footprint of any product or service, no matter how big or small. To give climate action a real value, CUT is blending the digital and the physical to allow you to support real world renewable and carbon capture technologies with the token. Leveraging the trust and immutability of Blockchain Technology, CUT also offers a transparent audit trail for retiring certified Carbon Offsets on the ledger. For Earth Hour the CUT team has chosen to offset the carbon footprint of an hour of the entire Ethereum Network.

The Carbon Utility Token team encourages everyone to join us in recognizing Earth Hour by turning off your own lights and ideally buying and retiring CUT tokens to offset a product, service or aspect of their daily lives. Visit our website for more information and to sign up for our newsletter.

For more information: [email protected]

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