Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
Albania to Explore Framework for Cryptocurrency Regulations
Crypto Markets See Mixed Signals, Mostly Trading Sideways
Coinbase And Circle Form A Joint Venture To Boost Circle’s Stablecoin
Ripple Co-Founder Invests in New Cryptocurrency from Digital Currency Pioneer David Chaum
Blockchain Could Be Crucial for Moving AI Tech Forward
Jack Dorsey’s Payments Startup Square Open-Sources Bitcoin Cold Storage Solution
Coinbase Approved to Offer Crypto Custody Services in New York
Alibaba wins preliminary trademark injunction against cryptocurrency Alibabacoin
Overstock’s Blockchain Unit Invests $6 Million in Crypto Social Network ‘Minds’
HBUS Hires First Female African-American GC In Cryptocurrency
Coinbase to List Competitor-Backed Stablecoin Amidst Growing Interest
A Year After Launch, BTCPay Has Grown Larger Than Its Creator Expected
Bitfinex Is Publishing Data for a Tether Market That Doesn't Exist
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Stability Continues
Circle CEO: Global Cryptocurrency Regulation Needed for Industry to Advance
SEC Publishes Memorandum From Meeting on SolidX, VanEck BTC ETF Proposal
Bank of Japan Admits Its Role Would Be ‘Sharply Reduced’ by Cryptocurrency
Global Charity Oxfam Will Use Ethereum to Deliver Microinsurance
The Next Financial Crisis Could be an Opportunity for Cryptocurrencies
WinMiner: Bringing Cryptocurrency Mining to the Masses
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Jokes About Bitcoin on Twitter With 23 Million Followers
HTC’s New Blockchain Phone Can Only Be Bought with Crypto
Coinbase Just Added Its First Stablecoin
Trading Bot Spotlight: Scavenger Bot
How a New Blockchain Aims to Shut Down Assassination Markets
Circle CEO Calls on Global Economies to Coordinate on Crypto Regulation
Ethereum, Parity Co-Founder Announces Blockchain Framework for a ‘Multi-Chain World’
Op Ed: In Defense of Bitcoin: A Response to Nouriel Roubini
Crypto Collectible Game Announces New Battles. Players Get Paid If They Win
Coinbase Adds Its First Stablecoin Tied to the US Dollar
Breaking: Crypto Giants Coinbase and Circle Launch Digital Dollar ‘USDC’
Bitcoin $200000, or a 'Crypto Winter'? Several Experts Weigh In
SEC Commissioner: Bitcoin ETF Applicants Should Focus on Liquidity, Custody, Market Surveillance
Fidelity's Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology SVP Joins BLOQ as COO
Cryptocurrency giants Coinbase and Circle form joint venture to boost adoption of dollar-backed digital coins
Blockchain Startups In Israel Have Tripled: Why Israel Can Become A Leading Blockchain Nation
Square Open-Sources Subzero Bitcoin Cold Storage Solution
Decred Jumps 34% after Politeia Announcement, Binance Listing
New SEC Commissioner Briefed on Bitcoin ETF in October Meeting
'Shark Tank': This app turns your spare change into bitcoin — and Kevin O'Leary invested $100000
Will Decentralization Powered By Blockchain Allow Greater User Privacy?
Here's Why The $6000 and $100 Billion Bitcoin Psychological Support Will Likely Hold
Swiss Financial Association Publishes Anti-Money Laundering Standards for Digital Assets
Power Ledger's Solar Solution Demystifies Blockchain, Cryptocurrency (#CleanTechnica Interview Part 1)
Oracle delves deeper into blockchain with four new applications
Oracle launches Blockchain Applications Cloud
Bitcoin ETF Applicants to SEC: Stop Moving the Goal Posts, Eliminate ICO Double Standard
Japan's SBI Group Is Building a New Crypto Exchange Wallet
The Dollar Is The New VIX, And The Bitcoin Connection
Icelandic Farmers Taking Up Cryptocurrency Mining
Banker: Continuous Establishment of Regulation in Crypto Will Attract Institutions
Elon Musk posts bizarre bitcoin tweet about cryptocurrency scam epidemic
Why blockchain will power the new energy network
Opinion: What can help Americans regain the trust of Wall Street? Blockchain
VanEck Says Bitcoin ETF Concerns ‘Resolved’ at Meeting With SEC
EOS Ecosystem Ever Expanding as dApps Rise, But Price Still Sliding
Australian Government Agency Says Blockchain 'Interesting' But Hyped
Elon Musk says Twitter blocked him after Bitcoin tweet
Bitcoin drifts lower, but takes back seat to global equity weakness
First Major DAPP on Tezos Rebranded: (Re-Branded from
Blockchain Key to Enhancing Clinical Research, Patient Data Sharing
Bitcoin After 10 Years
Square Open-Sources Bitcoin Cold Storage System
6 Projects and Platforms That Are Making It Easy to Use Cryptocurrency in Everyday Life
Cryptocurrency Exchange to Bring Advantages of Dash to Southeast Asia with New Integration
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