Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
Fidelity Becomes First Financial Institution to Take Bitcoin Lightning ‘Torch’
Thailand Greenlights Security Token Offerings (STOs)
Wealth Manager: Pot Stocks Will Mimic Crypto Bubble – But Won’t Crash Like Bitcoin
Ethereum (ETH) Long Positions Skyrocket as Constantinople Nears, But Analysts Expect Post-Fork Plummet
Scammers Net Over $300,000 in Bitcoin “Sextortion” Attack
UK Auction House to Sell $400,000 in Dark Web Bitcoin
CasperLabs Is Building a PoS Blockchain With Help from Ethereum’s Vlad Zamfir
Parity Developer Quits Ethereum Projects Amid Outrage Sparked by Recent Tweet
Reagan’s Top Economist Warns Investors Should Flee Stock Market
Top-3 Mining Rig Maker Ebang Eyes Market Turnaround in 2019
Analyst Claims Bitcoin Must Break Above $4,000 Or BTC Will Face Strong Rejection
QuadrigaCX case: Canada's big banks wary of cryptocurrency asset
$12 Billion University of Michigan Endowment Might Deepen its Crypto Stake
IBM Exec Forecasts a Million-Dollar Bitcoin — When a Sat Will Equal a Cent
BitMart and Paxful Team Up to Generate Crypto Liquidity
Reddit Co-Founder: Cryptocurrency Bear Market Has Erased Price Speculators
Dow Secures 9-Week Winning Streak, Roars Past 26,000 with Minutes to Spare
Bitcoin Volatility Uncharacteristically Low: What’s Causing the Lack of Excitement?
Stanford Researchers Develop Privacy Mechanism for Ethereum Smart Contract
Bitcoin Price (BTC) Undervalued By Nearly $34K According to Infamous Dickline
Google’s ‘Surprise’ Nest Microphone Was a Flub – Not a Privacy Scandal
Fortnite Mastermind Tim Sweeney Defends EOS Blockchain Bloat
Two Companies Used Crypto to Pay Taxes in Ohio, Says State Treasurer
Cluck the Banks: Bitcoin Lightning Network Powers Remote Chicken Feeder
After $50, Litecoin (LTC) Can Easily Double and Soar to $110
Virtual Reality Park Limited and Virtual Park Conduct ICO in the Virtual Reality Park Market
Bitcoin Expert Eviscerates US Treasury’s ‘Fascist’ Crypto Blacklist
Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Is Looking for a New CFO
University of California Researchers Propose Blockchain System for Clinical Data
Jesse Lund of IBM: Bitcoin (BTC) Value Derived From Its Utility
Dow Smashes Through 26,000 as Trump & China Sing Kumbaya
Here Are 3 Reasons Why Copy Trading Strategies from Other Traders Makes Sense
Tesla Stock Enters Panic Mode after Consumer Watchdog Issues Scathing Report
Blockchain: Back To The Drawing Board?
Bitcoin Hits $4K for the Fourth Time in 2019, Stocks Jump Amid US–China Trade Talks
Ethereum (ETH) Possible March to $250, Up 22 Percent
John McAfee Gives ‘Hard Date’ For $1 Million Bitcoin
Nebulas could be the Future of Improving The Efficiency of Blockchain Upgrades
68% of US Millennials Say High School Sucks at Stock Market Education
Industry Experts Weigh In On Zuckerberg's Data Sharing Blockchain System Plans
Tesla Will Be a Major Winner With a Progressive U.S.-China Trade Deal
Thai Parliament Approves Amendments Allowing Issuance of Tokenized Securities
Why chartcrime has destroyed the blockchain
Crypto-winter will give way to real innovation in the cryptocurrency industry, says Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian
Bitcoin Could Swell To $1.5 Million If It Absorbs All Fiat and Gold Holdings
Reddit Co-founder Says Crypto Winter Erased Speculators, Gave Space to Real Builders
Russia: Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency in ‘Final Stage of Development’
NASA Scolds Elon Musk Over ‘Serious Challenges’ Facing SpaceX Launch Schedules
Hands-On Preview of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Phone Reveals New Crypto Details
Another University Endowment Invests in Crypto Fund: 2019 is the Year of Institutions
Klimatas-Creating an Investment Platform That Will Help in the Accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals
Dow, Bitcoin Flash Green as US Stock Market Guns to Extend Winning Streak
HYBSE, GMEX and MINDEX Collaborate to List the World’s First Multi-Asset Stable Token in Mauritius
Dow Jones Primed for a 100-Point Boost on US-China Trade Optimism
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get fed by blockchain
Are Stablecoins The Next Enterprise Blockchain Tool? From JPM Coin To Precious Metals-Pegged
Luxembourg University Postdoc: Central Bank Digital Currencies Too Attractive to Ignore
Japanese internet giant Recruit has a new $25M blockchain fund
CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Soars Amid Buoyant Price
‘Decent’, a Documentary on how Blockchain can Change the World
Could cryptocurrency security be improved?
Atlanta And The Rise To Becoming A Top Blockchain/Crypto City
Exit Scam? Mismanagement? Coinbase Digs Into Failed Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX’s ‘$150 Million Loss’
Thailand Green Lights Issuance and Trading of Blockchain Securities
Third-Top Exchange OKEx Lists Ripple and Bitcoin Cash on Customer-to-Customer Platform
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