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Treasury Secretary Seals Bitcoin’s Impending Death by a Thousand Cuts
Market Buoyed as US Treasury Sec Backs Trump’s Anti-Crypto Sentiments
US regulation against Bitcoin could be the catalyst for the next upswing
Ron Paul: ‘I’m All for Cryptocurrencies, I Like Competing Currencies’
Siemens Considers Using Blockchain Tech for Carsharing
Ripple (XRP) Outperforms Crypto Markets as Price Stabilizes Above Historical Support
Market Maker Altonomy Raises $7M in Funding Round Led by Polychain Capital
A City in Canada to Accept Crypto Assets for Tax After Council Approval, Bolstering Adoption
Binance Announces Galileo, the Latest Version of Its Mainnet
Facebook Confronts Bipartisan Resistance to Cryptocurrency Plans
Brazil: Member of Former Royal Family Speaks Out Against Crypto Regulation
Polychain Leads $7 Million Round in Crypto Trading Desk Altonomy
Analysts Believe Bitcoin Looks Bullish Despite Growing Fears of a Trump Ban
Monero Reports on Resolving Fake XMR Minting Bugs a Month After Fix
US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Attacks Bitcoin, Libra
Ron Paul Pledges Allegiance to Bitcoin, Calls Crypto a ‘Great Idea’
Brazil completes first blockchain real estate sale
Huobi’s Burns 116 Percent More Tokens Amid Quarterly Revenue Gains
Donate Bitcoin to Protect Internet Privacy With New Tor Project Crowdfund
Siemens Evaluates Blockchain Potential For Carsharing
UK Finance Chief Ready to Engage with ‘Potentially Transformative’ Libra
Crypto Genius or Fake? The Craig Wright Saga Explained
Bitcoin price dips towards $10,000 but John McAfee stands by $1m cryptocurrency bet
US Treasury Secretary: Bitcoin a “national security issue,” cryptocurrency dominated by illicit activity and speculation
US Treasury Increases Regulatory Pressure on Crypto, Warns of Its Unlawful Uses
US Treasury Secretary Shares Trump’s Concerns on Crypto, Stresses Compliance
Bitcoin Tumbles while Gold Steady as China Data Shows Growth
The Bitcoin Price Surged Because Mnuchin Made This Crucial Remark
UK Finance Minister Says Regulators Should Decide on Libra, Not Lawmakers
Crypto Twitter: Mnuchin’s BTC Remarks Are ‘Complete & Total Validation’
US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Is ‘Not Comfortable’ With Facebook’s Libra
Set Protocol Launches Ethereum Trading Strategy Bots
Bitcoin’s Correlation to Traditional Markets Could be Problematic, Analyst
TRX Down 29.1% Even With The Launch of TronClass
Cleveland Cavaliers Partner With Cryptocurrency Firm UnitedCoin
Here’s What Mnuchin Just Said About Libra & Bitcoin
Watch Steven Mnuchin’s Surprise Press Conference on Cryptocurrency
Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Mine Bitcoin
Bitcoin Cliff Hanger, BTC Slides 10.2% In A Early Stage Of A Correction
After the recent drop is Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin due for a rebound?
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Gives Cryptocurrency Briefing
1 Million Idiots Pledge to ‘Storm Area 51’ & John McAfee Is the Voice of Rea–Nevermind
House Democrats mull bill to ban Facebook cryptocurrency project | TheHill
Calibra CEO Delivers Opening Statements on Libra Ahead of Senate Hearing
Crypto Trader Predicts Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: Bitcoin Pullback Is Healthy, Fewer Searches Аre Good
Ripple (XRP) is Down 20.8% But Will 30 Cents and Q1 Support Hold?
Liability Rumblings Along the Blockchain | New York Law Journal
Criminal Gang Abducts and Tortures Cryptocurrency Traders, Demands Massive Bitcoin Ransom
Facebook’s Marcus Panders to Lawmakers with ‘Controlled’ Libra Promise
Buterin Proposes Bitcoin Cash Integration to Scale Ethereum in Short Term
Newton Enters Canadian Crypto Exchange Market With No-Fees Trading
Fake News: Due Diligence is Essential for Crypto Investors
What to Expect When Congress Grills Facebook on Cryptocurrency This Week
The Destiny of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency
Blockchain: A tool with a future in healthcare
Economist Speculates Absurd but Feasible Trump Bitcoin Ban
Seed CX Subsidiaries Receive Bitlicenses From New York Regulator
London Calling: Is the Alan Turing £50 a Nod to Cryptocurrency?
Op Ed: Bitcoin, Native Currency of the Internet, Restores the Law of Nature
BTCPay Server Launches Tor Crowdfunding Campaign
Canadian Securities Regulators Include DLT in 2019–2020 Business Plan
First City in Canada to Trial Bitcoin Tax Payments
Bitcoin Dominance Continues To Rise, Dashing Hopes Of An Altseason
Can Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?
Facebook’s Libra Triggers US & UK Alarm Bells; Will Bitcoin Take a Beating?
New York Grants Bitlicense to Institutional Crypto Exchange Seed CX
Japan Creates Working Group to Discuss Facebook Libra Ahead of G7 Meeting
Blockchain Technology Conference: Explore dApps, smart contracts & more
Ethereum Validator Nodes More Attainable as ETH Price Collapses
Binance, Bittrex and Bistamp Users Withdraw Over Bitcoin Price Concerns
Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 28
Chamber of Digital Commerce to Host Congressional Blockchain Education Day, July 18
Indian Police Spoil Kidnappers’ $100,000 Ransom Party to Rescue Bitcoin Traders
Samsung Teams With Banks, Telcos for Mobile ID Network Based on Blockchain
UK Royal Mint to Provide Custody for New Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Ban in the U.S. is Feasible, Says Analyst Following Trump’s Tweet
South American Bitcoin Trading is Surging Despite Price Volatility
Bitcoin’s Price Could Rise If Facebook’s Crypto Survives Congress Hearings
Pundi X Partners With PoS Giant, Brings Crypto to More Retailers
Altcoin Apocalypse Continues as Crypto Winter Threatens to Return
South Korea’s Biggest Credit Card Patents Blockchain Payments System
Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange Fesses Up New $2.3 Million Theft, $35 Million Total
John McAfee Doubles Down on $1M 2020 Price Prediction for Bitcoin
Bitpoint Discloses A Further $2.3 Million Is Missing From Hack
Ethereum Falls by 20% as Bitcoin Taps $10,000, Is There Hope for ETH?
MyDashWallet was compromised for 2 MONTHS — users, move your cryptocurrency
Buterin’s 'Ethereum+Bitcoin Cash' Scalability Solution Draws Criticism
Korea’s Biggest Credit Card Firm Wins Patent for Blockchain Credit System
4-Figure BTC Screams ‘Buy’ as Bitcoin Price Falls Under $10,000
The Current Bitcoin Price Dip Is A Great Gift: Analyst
Trump’s hostile view of Bitcoin and crypto could chill industry
India: Leaked Draft Bill Would Ban All Crypto Except ‘Digital Rupee’
Bitcoin Could Fall by 20% to Bottom Around $8,000: Network Value Model
UK Announces ‘Dirty Money’ Crackdown, Including Tougher Crypto Regime
Spam Attack? Bitcoin Average Block Size Suddenly Spikes to Over 3MB
Ethereum Price Nosedives 15% in Crypto Market’s $28 Billion Wipeout
New US House Bill Would Fine Facebook’s Libra $1 Million Per Day
Bitcoin and Altcoins Trend Turns Bearish
Blockchain Consortium Startup R3 Said to Be Considering an IPO


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