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New crypto disruptor, vEmpire, publishes White Paper, announces mission to stop a metaverse financial crisis, launches 100 NFTs & a new token

The Front Line in the fight against centralisation

July 2021…/ It is rare, especially in this more mature crypto market, to find a token and a concept that is truly unique. vEmpire is the first project with the stated intention of invading and conquering others. vEmpire plans to test these supposedly decentralised projects and to give the power back to the communities, rather than the VCs, developers and founders who control the vast amount of governance. Rather than rewarding monetary contributions, vEmpire will reward those who are brave enough to stand up to centralisation wherever they see it. 

vEmpire DDAO is the first protocol to allow “DeFi-esque” staking of Metaverse Tokens. This means that users of vEmpire’s strategies will be earning significant rewards for their MANA, SAND or other tokens that are staked onto the platform. This is because the majority of the VEMP token emissions schedule will be set to incentivise these pools, staker will earn significant yields all whilst standing up for what they believe in — true decentralisation. 

vEmpire DDAO (vEmpire) launches this month as a democratic decentralised autonomous organisation that is at the front line against centralisation. This is announced in tandem with the fact that vEmpire is only the fourth protocol out of 450 to be included on Unicrypts Incubated ILO Launchpad where they will launch their vEmpire Gamer Token (VEMP) at the end of August. The vEmpire project will distribute value generated by a pool of assets to holders of the VEMP token. 

The first of 100 NFTs is being auctioned here with the sale ending on 1st August at 21.00 BST. The remaining 99 are also being sold on opensea here for just 0.1 ETH. This is the lowest they will ever be priced for early supporters to take advantage. 

There will be clues hidden in every NFT for those that love a puzzle, this 99 part quest and puzzle is just the beginning of a multi-layered and complex riddle that Dominic Ryder (vEmpire’s CEO) has assured will take years and years to solve. You may wonder about the sort of incentive offered to get this sort of commitment from users, Dominic has assured that if all goes to plan and the token gets to even half the size of MANA, which is far under his actual expectations, then this reward will be worth over 5 million dollars. At every element of vEmpire’s protocol, users can expect the unexpected.

The first mission is to invade Decentraland using the metaverse tokens staked onto the vEmpire platform by continuously purchasing and reinvesting LAND & NFT profits while paying a yearly yield (APY) to token stakers & owners in VEMP

The reason for this crusade is to remind decentralised entities across the blockchain universe of their commitment to their users and communities. vEmpire believes there are a few areas where Decentraland has strayed from this commitment and therefore, their mission is to give Decentraland back its namesake, and they see this as an honourable quest.

vEmpire sees whales and centralised entities buying up land and monetizing land to their own gain as a disadvantage to the masses (see more on this topic here). vEmpire's conquest is to save the population and property owners of the land from becoming a capitalist haven of advertising, centralised corporations and to prevent the commoditization of Decentralands users.

vEmpire’s purpose is to serve their loyal supporters, not to take advantage and reward those who have the biggest wallets. This is why governance proposals will be set at an acceptable monetary minimum which will start at $1000 & alongside this low barrier to entry, votes will be cast democratically, at one vote per wallet, rather than being weighted by the percentage of tokens owned by any one wallet, all xVEMP owners (holders of the governance token) will share in the rewards. vEmpire sees this as a much fairer form of DAO, giving equal opportunity to both high net worth and retail investors, this is why it is called a Democratic DAO rather than a standard DAO.

Dominic Ryder (Romulus), CEO of vEmpire comments: “Decentralisation has no laws, and it is up to the users and the community to police their protocols. vEmpire was formed to highlight and bring about this change and encourage communities to actively engage and spot when they may have malevolent forces at work in their worlds or networks. vEmpire is here and will fight for a new truly decentralised dawn.”

To read the full White Paper, visit here.

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