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TOP4 Cryptos to look at after the correction of January

New year, new dreams, new chances. While Bitcoin struggles at around $40,000 in the middle of January 2022, we are looking for some promising alts and let us tell you where we see the next ’boom’.

Coins that are on a TOP exchange are often already so profitable that you just wish to know them before they got listed. Well from now, we might be excepting a bigger growth on these project so keep an eye on them:

1, Harmony (ONE)

Harmony is a really considerable altcoin out there if you haven’t considered it already.

Harmony and its own blockchain brings a new color into the cryptospace and providing many more smaller projects a great place to rise and shine.

If Harmony’s native token ONE can continue its growing just like did it in the past than it is safe to say we are in a good position to invest in it right now.

ONE’s All Time High is at $0.3798 and it is now at $0.188 and if it can manage to break its record than it can be as good investment as our other picks.

ONE can be traded at: Binance, KuCoin,

2, KRYZA Network

Our dream is to catch a top100 coin before they are even hit top1000, right? Well, right now luck will might be with you on this one.

KRYZA Network is a social platform connected to its crypto-exchange (KRZYZA Exchange) and it is trying to revolutionize and speed up the global adaption of cryptocurrencies. Right now the network running as a beta version, it will have a large educational material for its users which will teach them about crypto. After a succesful learning process, users can access to KRYZA Exchange to try out the learned topics in practice on their exchange developed by the team itself.

KRN and KRX (the two tokens of the project) has great potential especially if you listen to the news. There are rumors that they are talking about a TOP5 crypto-exchange listing which would hype up the price incredibly. But even without the listing, the price should go up extremely high when the project comes out with its development.

You can already try out the beta version of this social platform. DYOR here:

KRN’s ATH is at $0.00002737 while now being traded for $0.00000035 per piece and it can be a great addition to your portfolio since it has climbed more than 40% in the past week.

Our guess: When every development is coming out for KRYZA, we can imagine a huge, even 10-20x growth in its price.

KRN is available at: HotBit

KRX is available at: IndoEx

3, Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Hedera Hashgraph is not a blockchain technology. Hedera is building its own technology and it is quite different than the technology we are used for. They call it Hashgraph which is working a bit different than other blockchains.

Hedera and its coin HBAR are offering something new and we are excited to see it rise and shine

HBAR’s All Time High is at $0.5701 and it is currently at $0.2325 so once again just like the others we are in a safe position to get in.

HBAR an be traded at: Binance, KuCoin.

4, Helium (HNT)

When we were picking Helium we have considered the difference it is offering with its mining mechanism.

Helium offers (and connects us with) several mining hardwares to earn Helium’s token, HNT. This „mining” is a bit different than the others: you order a device, it is like a WiFi router, it doesn’t consume much more energy than those too, and it is earning you HNT if you are in a profitable safe. You can also check Helium’s live map about the installed devices and see it yourself if you are the missing part building its network.

HNT’s reord in its price is at $55.22 and now is at $0.2325 and you can get a regular, monthly income with it, just like with KRYZA Network mentioned before.

HNT can be traded at: Binance, FTX, KuCoin.

            We hope that you liked our list and have found something interesting to DYOR.