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ECO NFT Pre-Open - Global Service Start

About ECO NFT:

ECO NFT is a decentralized NFT investment marketplace deployed on Ethereum, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted and provided for staking and sale. Here users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others.

[June 30, 2022]

“ECO NFT” platform which is a market place for various NFTs backed by digital content, game, photo, music and others. The project attracted wide attention due to listing its governance tokens ESG (ERC-20) on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges ‘’ in April 2022.

Since 2021 NFT trends have experienced rapid growth and constant heat from crypto influencers, which made them one of the hottest new industries on Global arena. NFTs are being issued (minted) on many mainnets, but there are very few projects commiting responsibility to the environmental damage they cause. Since blockchain increases carbon emissions due to overuse of electricity.

 ECO NFT market is a new concept NFT paradigm where part of the sales will be donated to environmental groups so to contribute to environmental protection. It is also worth mentioning, that purchasing NFT gives the user various benefits such as the rights to participate in games and events. The fees from staking and harvesting are distributed to activate the governance of the ecosystem, so to ensure all the members can get various benefits. On the occasion of pre-opening of Eco NFT, the very first NFT collection “Teteru NFT”, which is Korean animation, will be alailable for sale.Teteru NFT will randomly issue 5 types of NFTs with different hash rate values. By staking the issued NFT card, users can mine ESG token from the reward. “I believe that Pre-Opening of ECO NFT is a start for the new NFT paradigm. Brand new features will be added such as (Open Market) where users can make P2P transactions with NFT and (Battle) where anyone can mint own NFT. I would define it as a new concept of NFT market that brings together environment and investment. We should never forget about our social and personal responsibility before the environment and keep it preserved for our childred. On occasion of Pre-Opening of ECO NFT, we will hold marketing campaings in 12 global countries.”Kenny Han, the CEO of “ECO NFT”.

On its Pre-Opening,  ECO NFT will launch URL event, where 5% from NFT sales commission will be rewarded to referrer through smart contract.

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