Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
Blockchain-for-Land: What We Are Getting Wrong and How to Fix It
Top 5 Advantages of Cryptocurrencies
Unconfirmed: Disney Considers $13.2 Billion Equity Deal With Stake in Korbit, Bitstamp
Yelp Adds "Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment" Filter
US: Two Men Plead Guilty to Selling Drugs for Crypto and Laundering $2.8 Million
Bitcoin price surges 40 per cent to hit 'golden cross', as cryptocurrency experts predict value will double
$112 Million: French Banking Giant Societe Generale Issues Massive Euro Bond on Ethereum
New York State Sees First Conviction for Crypto Money Laundering
Is Softbank Right to Stay Away From Crypto After Son’s $130M Bitcoin Loss?
Binance Coin (BNB) Falters Pushing Bitcoin Dominance Index to 2019 High
Blockchain Migration Is All the Rage
Samsung Coin? Electronics Giant Secretly Tests Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) Token: Report
Bitcoin Bears Fail Miserably in Stopping Huge Institutional Demand For Crypto
Crypto-Drunk Swiss Investment Firm Launches Bitcoin Mining Fund
Litecoin Led Bitcoin’s Price Rally, Now It’s Hinting at a Pullback
Lightning Labs Launches Lightning Network Client for Main Bitcoin Network
Report: Samsung Planning New Blockchain Mainnet Featuring Samsung Coin
Bitfury, Swiss Investment Firm Launch Regulated Bitcoin Mining Fund
Why Bitcoin Can Only Go Up From Here
Cryptocurrencies Won’t Die in 10 Years but Bitcoin Will Be Overtaken: Euro Poll
Five most prolific 51% attacks in crypto: Verge, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Feathercoin, Vertcoin
Snax to Bring Value to Twitter and Other Social Media
Bitfury Institutional Bitcoin Mining Fund Gains EU Regulator Approval
Samsung Developing Ethereum-Based Blockchain, May Issue Own Token
Bitcoin Price Sparks Altcoin Bloodbath As Ripple CTO Quietly Dumps XRP
How to use cryptocurrency for gambling
Bitcoin: The Path To and Beyond Digital Gold
Bitcoin Matures Sensationally While Other Cryptos Fall, Soaring Above $5,600
Joe Biden Feels He’d Make a Good President; Women Disagree
The Ethereum Name Service Is Turning Nearly 300,000 .ETH Domains Into NFTs
Would McAfee’s Revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto Affect Bitcoin Prices? ( Provides Technology and Execution Support for DUO Network Pre-sale
Ontology’s VBFT Algorithm Sets New Standard for Blockchain Consensus
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish & Dips Remain Attractive
Bitcoin SV Creator Craig Wright Screeches ‘I am Satoshi Nakomoto’
Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Eats Altcoins as Dominance Hits 4 Month High
Crypto Market Flirts Key Resistance: Bitcoin Cash, EOS, BNB, Tron Analysis
Why blockchain needs our help in its fight to survival
Ripple (XRP) Price At Significant Risk of More Losses
Bitcoin Golden Cross forms—beginning of the bull market?
Ethereum (ETH) Price Fails Again Near $176, Should U Buy?
Russian Opposition Leader Raises $3 Million in Bitcoin Donations
McAfee Says He Spoke with Satoshi, Claims the Bitcoin Creator Is Furious
Bitcoin Can Become a $5 Trillion Asset by 2024, Says Anthony Pompliano
CZ’s Kumbaya Moment with Ethereum Proves Crypto Has Turned a Corner
South Korean Hospital to Create Blockchain Medical Data Management Platform
Tech Stocks, Gold, Oil, and S&P 500: Bitcoin ROI Beats Them All
Bitcoin Breaks Above $5,600, But Analysts Claim Strong Resistance Exists Around $5,800
Bitcoin up 40% within one month, potential triggers and predictions
IBM Issued Patent for DLT-Supported Data Sharing and Validation
Credit Suisse Head: Banking Culture Hinders Blockchain Adoption – An Opportunity for Crypto?
Out of Testnet and Into Alpha: Lightning Labs’ Desktop Application Is Live
Bitcoin’s Explosive Rally Targets $6,500 Next – Analyst Explains Why
Cashaa Now Accepts Debit, Credit Cards for Crypto Purchases
Coinbase Shellacking: Crypto Exchange Cuts Staff, Shutters Chicago Hub
Binance Coin (BNB) Struggles to Set Fresh All-Time-Highs Despite Decentralized Exchange Launch
Societe Generale Subsidiary Issues 100 Million Euro Bond on Ethereum Blockchain
Mysterious GOP Fat-Cat Worth $200 Million Breaks the Bank to Dethrone AOC
Amazon with Lightning Network? Early Bitcoin Developer Isn’t Impressed
BlockFi Makes Bitcoin Interest Accounts More Accessible, Lowers Minimum Account Threshold
BlockFi Now Has Over $53 Million in Client Crypto Under Management
eToroX Crypto Exchange Review – April 2019
Disney Heiress’ Critique of Bob Iger’s $65 Million ‘Insane’ Pay Rings Hollow
Crypto Conundrum: Bullish Bitcoin Price Action Halts Altcoin Season In Its Tracks
Over $100 Million Missing: CoinBene Claims Maintenance, a Month of Questions Point Toward a Hack
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